Monday, December 24, 2018

Beautiful Things Happen Every Day

Well, there is always a problem in front of us isn't that right? But some beautiful things do happen every day and we just have identified them and embrace them.
23 Dec 2018 I mean yesterday was also one of them nothing good had happened over the last month I am still a jobless person and wasted my last night with books, movies, and meaningless interview question. Thanks to SIRI, I had a reminder to meet DG as she has an exam in my area. As I reached to the examination center I found out her exam had been finished half-n-hour ago she was waiting for there alone without a phone and her face was red with anger and eye were filled with tears.
Oh, God ! she is final little relax to see a familiar face but still, she was trying so hard to not to cry or shout on ASHI. She called ASHI with my Phone and in a moment ASHI came.
And now I am seeing a confusing emotion of her face .. like she was smiling in relief, shouting in anger and tear in the eye.
All from that, I just watched them and I was tried not to laugh. It is the beautiful thing that I was talking about

After that, as the NISHACHAR join the league the whole day was full of laughter, joy, teasing and leg-pulling. We went for food there we had a yummy ice cream called PREM SAHELI

as you see from the picture it was kinda a cocktail of fruits & vanilla ice cream and beautifully garnished with sugar-coated sprinkler-n-charry. 

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